Marjolein en Laura

Both Laura and Marjolein have been active in martial arts as long as they live. They started taking judo classes when they were 5 years old and have enthusiastically practiced the art for many years resulting in a black belt for both women at a young age. However, the moment they came in contact with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu they were hooked and they can often be found in one of the Gracie Barra Netherlands locations ever since.

Their mutual passion for the art led to the fact that they wanted to show more females the beauty of BJJ. The fact that Laura and Marjolein often trained and competed together made it easy for them to take the step to collaborate and create the Female Fighter Foundation. The foundation helps them to put all their energy in organizing BJJ events for females only throughout the Netherlands. Many girls already know Marjolein and Laura because of the annual camps. During our events we noticed that in clothing there wasn’t a lot to choose for women. That’s why they developed a rashguard, this was such a success that Marjolein and Laura decided to start the Female Fighter Gear brand. We hope to develop even more products in which everyone feels happy and comfortable.